Black Bird

Onion Games & Limited Run set BLACK BIRD free on Nintendo Switch!

On Friday April 10th, 2020, Tokyo-based indie developers Onion Games (who formerly have worked on games like Little King’s StoryChulip, Rez, and even Super Mario RPG!),  announced that their critically acclaimed operatic shooter Black Bird is available now in a standard collector’s edition release for Nintendo Switch, courtesy Limited Run Games!

Also noted in their press release was that through May 8th, players will be able to buy Black Bird in either a standard edition for $34.99, or a deluxe Collector’s Edition, that will come complete with: an 18×24″ reversible poster! An artbook! And a copy of Black Bird‘s incredible soundtrack! All for just $64.99!

Black Bird - standard edition


Black Bird - Limited Collectors Edition


Players can buy the games direct from Limited Run Games until May 8th!

The Game
Black Bird is the tale of a young, neglected girl who dies and is resurrected as… the ominous Black Bird.

Since ancient times, the kingdom has spoken of this bird as one of the fabled “great calamities”. You are now this ancient calamity itself — the legendary ‘Black Bird’.

Destroy the kingdom in a storm of bullets! What fate awaits this girl-turned-bird?

Will you, the Black Bird, destroy the world?

Has this lively, fun-filled kingdom already led itself down the path of destruction? Find out by ordering this Limited Run edition…

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