Detective Pikachu Comes to Burger King

Detective Pikachu Comes to Burger King

The Pokemon from Detective Pikachu are invading Burger King

Burger King has officially started offering Pokemon: Detective Pikachu toys in its kid meals.

Burger King is offering six different Pokemon toys based on Detective Pikachu for a limited time.

If you’re interested in any of the options pictured above, you’ll need to purchase a King Jr Meal.

Six toys are up for grabs in total. They include Detective Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, Arcanine, Loudred, and Psyduck. We know that Detective Pikachu lights up, Arcanine shoots a fireball from its mouth, and Mewtwo has a ball of psychic energy that it can hold and drop by moving its arms. All six Pokemon are depicted in the “realistic style” seen in the upcoming live action movie.

Burger King (paper) crowns are also available with based on the movie art and imagery.

The toys are available at Burger King now, although availability will depend on individual restaurant locations. Detective Pikachu comes out on May 19th.

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