A Dark Room

awake. head throbbing. vision blurry. come light the fire.

2nd April 2019 A Dark Room is an innovative text-based adventure that harkens back to the magic of Zork, adding a modern spin on a classic genre and time in gaming. Published by CIRCLE Entertainment and developed by Amir Rajan, it is getting a revamped and console-exclusive release on Nintendo Switch eShop; it arrives on 12th April priced at $6.99USD / €6,99.

A Dark Room challenges the player’s perceptions, actions and imagination. Visually clean, it presents text and cues with limited visual flourishes, but the experience that takes shape is full of depth and environmental storytelling. Newly designed audio is also important, portraying a dark world that the player can only imagine.

It is a game that draws players in, allowing them to perceive the intriguing world in their own way. What starts as a dark room with limited interactive options evolves into a complex story and resource management challenge.

Adapted especially for the Nintendo Switch, you can play with physical controls or the touch screen; exclusive to this version of the game is an enhanced user interface, new audio, additional commentaries and local co-op play.

A Dark Room is an experience, and a story, unlike any other; it launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 12th April.

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