Haggle Your Way to Riches in Bargain Hunter for Nintendo Switch

Auction action comes to Nintendo Switch in new wheeling-and-dealing release from Silver Cow Studio

Friday 15 March 2019: Know a bargain when you see one? Sift the gems from the garbage, and you could make it big! Silver Cow Studio are excited to announce Bargain Hunter, out now on Nintendo Switch, where players must seek to make their fortune turning “trash” into cash. Starting with a run-down house and rusty old car, they’ll visit an array of venues from garage sales to antiques shops as they try to hunt down that elusive bargain that could make it BIG. From teapots to teddy bears and vases to video games, there’s a wide variety of items on offer. But first, players will have to pit their haggling skills against keen-witted vendors who are every bit as eager to turn a profit!

When players think their buys are on the money, it’s time to head to the salerooms for nail-biting auction action as the auctioneer sells off their loot to the highest bidder, hopefully bringing in a tidy profit… but it could also be a crashing loss! With immersive voice acting for every character including the auctioneer, players will feel like they’re really there as they examine potential purchases for any damage that could put a dent in their profits, or special features that might enhance an item’s value.

By proving their bargaining prowess, players can unlock upgrades for their house and car, as well as additional venues to visit and gems to unearth – quite literally, if they decide to pay a visit to the local beach for some keen metal detecting!

Bargain Hunter is available today on Nintendo Switch.

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