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Just Shapes & Beats Free Story-Mode Demo Now On Nintendo Switch

Quebec City, Quebec– Oct. 24, 2018 – Just Shapes & Beats, the frenzied couch co-op musical bullet hell from Quebec-based indie developers Berzerk Studio now has a free demo available for Nintendo Switch. The award-winning game has found very positive reception from both critics and fans alike, and Berzerk hopes to share their love for the title by giving gamers a chance to try it out for freeeeeee.

The Nintendo Switch demo contains full support for up to 4 local players, and features jams from renowned chiptune artists such as Danimal Cannon and Bossfight. The demo includes the 4 first tracks and the first boss level of the game, to give potential fans a taste of the frenzied action.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary as an independent developer in December of this year, Berzerk studio is thrilled by the response to their latest title, and are excited to hopefully grow the community Just Shapes & Beats has.

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  • Shapes, Beats.
  • Free Demo Available for Nintendo Switch on eShop as of Oct. 24.
  • Play with up to 4 local players, each player only needs a single joycon, or pro controller, or Gamecube controllers if you can manage to get one to work, you do you man.
  • Great chiptune tracks from artists like Danimal Cannon and Bossfight.
  • 10% discount on full copy of Just Shapes & Beats on Nintendo eShop through Oct. 31.

Just Shapes & Beats is available now on the Nintendo eShop and Steam for PC.

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