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Golf, Keys and Dodge Ball! New Games Arrive for NES

Golf, Keys and Dodge Ball! New Games Arrive for Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online

Fans all across the country have signed up for Nintendo Switch Online to enjoy what the paid service has to offer, including online play in popular multiplayer games; Save Data Cloud backup; a smartphone app for voice chat and other features for supported games; exclusive special offers; and the ability to experience classic NES games with added online play. As promised when the first set of 20 NES games was announced, more retro games are coming to Nintendo Switch, starting today!

NES Open Tournament GolfSolomon’s Key and Super Dodge Ball are now available to play anytime and anywhere on Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online.

NES Open Tournament Golf

NES Open Tournament Golf – Challenge another player in Stroke, Match and Tournament modes on three fantasy courses in the USA, the UK and Japan. Make sure you keep an eye on the wind and distance to the hole before selecting your club, or else you’ll be racking up some high scores … which is exactly what you don’t want to do in this game.

Solomon’s Key

Solomon’s Key – As Dana, a skilled and talented hero, you must strategically maneuver through over 40 stages using mysterious block-creation skills and other magical powers. Free the captive Fairy in each stage by finding the Bell, and escape by grabbing the Magic Key. Use quick thinking and magical firepower to discover hidden items and evade numerous enemies as you race against the clock.

Super Dodge Ball 

Super Dodge Ball – In Super Dodge Ball, you take control of the USA Dodge Ball team and travel the world in an effort to become the best dodge ballers around. Step onto playing fields in countries all over the globe and use a combination of normal and super shots to help take down your opponents. But be careful, as some destinations have surfaces that can affect your footing.

In addition to these NES games, Nintendo Switch Online users will also notice the arrival of special save data for the Legend of Zelda game. Now, players can choose to start their adventure with a ton of rupees and items, including the White Sword, Magical Shield, Blue Ring and Power Bracelet. Special save data for other NES titles will become available in the future, offering fun new entry points into fan-favorite games.

As previously announced, new additions to the NES – Nintendo Switch Online library in November will include MetroidMighty Bomb Jack and TwinBee, while December will see the release of ADVENTURES OF LOLONinja Gaiden and Wario’s Woods.

For more information about Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/nes/.

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