A Gummy's Life

A Gummy’s Life Launches on Nintendo Switch

The sugar-coated brawler is now available on Nintendo’s console!

Madrid, Spain – September 25th, 2018 | EP Games funtastic physics fighter A Gummy’s Life officially launches on Nintendo Switch today, and it’s bringing its sweet design on multiplayer mayhem into your eye balls. Have you ever wondered what candy does when it’s not being eaten? Well, it turns out… they’re being beaten. Into juice… get it? We’ll see ourselves out.

Choose a favorite Gummy character and prepare to battle other sugary treats across a variety of physics based matches which test all kinds of game play. Each Gummy has their own stats which may help them survive through 15 different maps. Gummies come with a variety of customizations, whether it’s the soda bottle or the gummy shark players will find their favorite treats to play.

The premise is simple, gummies match up to try and pull or push each other off the board. Punch, kick, or carry fellow gummies to their sugary doom. Battle on bee hives, in volcanoes, or soccer fields – there is even a ball to kick around… and into your opponents. There is also a swarm mode where gummies will attack each other at a pool. Players can train their skills and fill in empty player spots with AI gummies when playing among friends locally or online.

“EP Games is very proud to bring A Gummy’s Life onto the Nintendo Switch this as one of the platform’s premiere online multiplayer games. The game is great for any family to play together with harmless fun that does not break up the living room. Instead, you can just throw gummies around into giant bowls of chocolate. The Switch offers an ideal platform for friends to get together and enjoy some sweet battles online.” – Daniel Barba Castano, CEO of EP Games

A Gummy’s Life hosts online battles for up to 8 players via the Nintendo Switch’s brand new online platform. There are loads of gummies to unlock, and tons of levels to master in your goal to become the most elite and delicious candy imaginable.

A Gummy’s Life will be available by the Switch EShop for $14.99, and at a launch 10% discount for $13.49.

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